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"HIGH TEA with BOOFF was an exceptional one-of-a-kind performance. It is like nothing you have ever experienced before, and one you won’t soon forget! A definite must-see for all festival goers."
-The North Australian Festival of Arts

HIGH TEA with BOOFF is a work of installation clown theatre. The show tours with its venue – a richly detailed lounge room replete with custom-made furniture, bespoke chandeliers, shared stories and piping hot tea. The work deploys auto-biographical storytelling and narrative-driven clowning. 


HIGH TEA with BOOFF has been created to service the festival, community, and corporate markets – globally – oscillating (depending on the audience) between a PG – R Rating. BOOFF resonates with various program platforms, from contemporary performance programs to queer, comedy, theatre, cabaret and arts festivals, to community and corporate events – even on a barge floating down the Brisbane River; the possibilities are limitless. 


The production is housed within an air-conditioned custom-built 20ft shipping container that expands to create a 6m x 5m venue. The container is a high-cube style unit - with extra height than standard - that has been richly transformed down to the finest detail. Humbly boasting a 151 SOLD OUT Performance Season across 5 Festivals in 2021/2022 – during the COVID19 Pandemic – BOOFF has returned from his holiday off the beaches of Barbados and is looking forward to hearing audiences once again exclaiming to their friends – "I Just Got BOOFF'D!"


BOLSTER & LEE - The Knock 'Em Downs

"A smash hit, brilliant and absolutely hilarious!"
-Brisbane Festival

The Knock 'Em Downs is a comically interactive and visually engaging trip back in time to the side shows of old. Step inside the colourful tent and experience a crazy world of fun and games, where nostalgia has taken a curious twist, and the carnies have turned into clowns! 

Meet Krackers n' Jam, two fools out to fool you. With Krackers' n Jam, you can expect more than just a tasty bite. Featuring a variety of sideshow games sure to test your skill, with big prizes to be won, this odd-ball encounter will have you wishing you'd brought along your granny.


Homunculus Theatre Company are brilliant! Undoubtedly, no theatre company does Mask Theatre like Homunculus in Australia! Our students and staff had so much fun! I guarantee you'll be in stitches after the show! " 

-Clontarf Beach State High School (AUS)

Clint is the founder and Artistic Director of Homunculus Theatre Company (2003 - 2022). Homunculus has contributed 19 years to delighting and inspiring audiences across Australia and New Zealand. We offer a wide range of In-Schools Workshops & Performances, Artist In Residence Programs, Professional Development for Teachers, Roving Acts and Regional Community Projects.

Homunculus specialises in Commedia Dell'Arte, Traditional & Contemporary Clowning, Mask Theatre, Physical Comedy, Non-Verbal Communication &Mime, Absurdism, Physical Theatre & Circus, Melodrama, Brecht, Political Satire, Clowns In Shakespeare and Slapstick & Stage Combat.


Homunculus believes the Arts should be central to a child's education. Drama particularly has an important place in the lives of young people in the 21st Century. In an age when people are increasingly interacting and indeed living via and inside of technology, comedy's subject and practice offer what otherwise can be easily lost from our lives.





"Manoeuvre has a wonderfully wide range of acts and performers who are professional and very entertaining to a crowd of any size. They are excellent at communicating with you and extremely well organised. Thank you, Manoeuvre, for remembering our events for all who came along!" 
Maddison Byrne, Sponsorship & Marketing Administrator, Brisbane Racing Club.


In addition to Homunculus, Clint owns and manages Manoeuvre Roving Stilt Performers Australia (1988 - 2020). Manoeuvre is Queensland's premier roving stilt performance company. It has provided roving stilt acts to School Fetes, Product Launches, Shopping Centres, Community Events, Festivals, Parades, Weddings, Nightclubs and Corporate Events worldwide for over 25 years to over 4.5 million audience members.


Represented by 64 Entertainment Agents worldwide, Manoeuvre is much more than merely "walkers." While strutting, looping and dancing through the crowd, these stilt performers (highly trained dancers & physical theatre performers) stimulate the imagination, inspire joy and offer an engaging, playful and interactive experience for audiences of all sizes. Manoeuvre performers can duck under doorways, travel in lifts and walk short distances in lower clearance areas, up and down hills and beaches. 










"The English Bobbies were an absolute hit with audiences! The performers were incredibly entertaining and engaging! I would highly recommend them for any event! World Class!" 

-Johanna Clark, Promotional Staff, The 2018 Commonwealth Games (2018)

Clint is also the Artistic Director of The Mask Family - a suite of full-face non-verbal mask theatre acts that connect directly to the heart. (2017- 2020) This accessible, inclusive, magical roving theatre is sensitive to its audiences and reflective of our increasingly multi-cultural society. Highly visual, interactive, non-intrusive and non-language dependent, this unique roving theatre transcends age, language and culture barriers. 

Performed by an ensemble of 7 internationally renowned and critically acclaimed Australian physical theatre performers, The Mask Family are brilliantly realised, utilising many decades of live performance experience. The Mask Family Acts are available separately or in combination and work most effectively as a trio.

Available now, throughout Australia & New Zealand, for Festivals, Shopping Centres, Product Launches, Parades, Nightclubs and Corporate Events - or any other occasion. All The Mask Family acts are highly adaptable to suit various events. They are highly versatile and completely adjustable to your specific needs. We will happily customise the actions to suit your particular event requirements.



"I was quite enchanted. The best theatre transcends age and has a universal quality. l think for me as an older person; it transported me back to something l feel l have lost .....the innocence of childhood! It was lovely to reconnect with it again. It reminded me a little of Shaun Tan's book "The Lost Thing", which l recently shared with my grandson Jack, who is five. I know Jack would have been as captivated as me by The Lost Balloon, and I look forward to one day taking him to see the finished product.  Great masks and beautiful music."

-Arts Queensland

The audience is invited into the world of a lonely, misunderstood character who, one day, discovers and quickly loses a shiny yellow balloon...and so begins an adventure through the city, by turns whimsical and madcap. 

Along the way, our Hero meets hilariously quirky masked characters that reside in this world; greeted by The Maitre D's from a bygone era, helping a trio of Golden Oldies, to some seriously regimented Lollipop Ladies and sharp-tied Business People. World-class physical comedy and mesmerizing visual theatre combine for a heart-warming exploration of the joy of human interaction - and the incredible power of how a simple act of kindness and authentic connection can transform a person's life. 

Underlined by an original musical score, this show transcends language and cultural barriers and connects directly to the heart. Its highly visual form is engaging, accessible and inclusive of audience needs. 





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